Swedish artist Tommy Lennartsson draws on the visual culture of street and pop art when creating his original vibrant mixed-media artworks. He employs a mix of abstract and figurative elements that give nods to neo-expressionism, faux-naїf, pop, and geometric abstraction schools of art.

Upcoming Exhibitions
2023 / Summer show / Rarity Gallery / Mykonos

2023 / One Art Taipei / Taiwan
 2022 / OneOff NFT - Artfair / Taipei / Taiwan
 2022 / - Artspace Warehouse 
 2021 Freshpaintartfair- Mika Gallery - Tel Aviv, Israel
 2021 / Outside The Circle - Artspace Warehouse
  2020/ The Camp Gallery, Solo show online at Artsy
 2020 / The Lux Gallery, Portimao, Portugal
2018/ Tapper-Popermajer Gallery, sweden​​​​​​​

2022 Saatchi Art Catalog, Spring
 2020 Saatchi Art Catalog,  Featured artist, Spring
2020 Year in review: Top Painters of 2019
2019 Saatchi Art Catalog, Fall
2019 NER- publication, cover art
2018 Saatchi Art Catalog, Fall
2018 Saatchi Art Catalog, Spring
2017 Saatchi Art Catalog, Spring
Lamono Magazine

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